Introducing The Elevate Entrepreneur Academy!

The game changing course for pharmacists to scale your profitable business with ease and flow!
I know you're ready to transition from pharmacist to full-time entrepreneur, building out your profitable healing business.
I see you, Queen.

You are so much more than a 'pharmacist', 'coach', or 'healer' - you are a multi-dimensional QUEEN here to SHINE YOUR BRILLIANT LIGHT and receive riches as you enrich the world with your gifts.

You've been at this entrepreneur game for a while now and you know it's time to go ALL in on your dream of running a profitable healing business.

This is way beyond a surface-level desire - it's a SOUL CALLING.

Your soul is calling you to ELEVATE and claim MORE because what you've been plugging into is no longer expanding you.

What you really want is...

>> To be able to confidently communicate and OWN your brilliance so you're seen as the go-to expert your clients have to you become MAGNETIC to them.

>> More quality soulmate leads reaching out to YOU consistently to fill your you can spend more time serving them with your gifts vs spending hours on sales funnels and complex launches. 

>> To expand your capacity to RECEIVE vs over-delivering, over-giving, and getting frustrated with hitting income plateaus.

>> To charge premium rates to get paid ABUNDANTLY for your programs, courses, and coaching packages...!

You've done all of the things already...

Invested in a business coach, focusing on strategy and surface-level 'mindset' work...

Worked on tweaking your marketing or even hired a marketing coach...

Been in a big Mastermind group, following other coaches strategies...

You've also tried working harder, thinking 'if I JUST put in more hours, manage my time better, try a new's BOUND to work out...'

Yet something isn't CLICKING (yet)...and you're not seeing the clients in your inbox or the money reflected in your bank account. 

Trust me, you're not alone. AND...the good news is, you can shift this. 

After being an entrepreneur for over a decade, here's what I want you to know...

What's keeping you stuck, small, and hidden right now isn't JUST about the strategy or your ability as a coach.

It's about what's running your subconscious mind.

This is Why I've Created...

The Elevate Entrepreneur Academy!

This work is designed to help you release patterns, beliefs, and unconscious programming that's been dimming your light so you can shine more brightly and call in more clients and cash for your heart-centered business!

We'll move through DEEP INNER transformation work and OUTER practical strategy to have you accelerating your path to ELEVATE your income + impact quickly!

We'll cover KEY self-sabotage areas where most pharmacists get tripped up so you can release them to experience more ease, flow, and ABUNDANCE in your business!

Think of your abundance like a river - it's meant to flow, but if you've got big branches, rocks, and resistance in the becomes much harder to allow the flow ($, clients, abundance) to come to you.

Unconscious blocks can show up in these ways...

Working REALLY hard to implement a strategy - for a launch, sales funnel, etc...but seeing minimal or no ROI.

Unconsciously pushing clients away because of past programming and limiting beliefs about the wealth you're allowed to/deserving of having.

Hiding your true self out of fear/shame/guilt and procrastinating on showing up consistently online.

Under-charging, over-delivering, and/or bartering your services and not having clear boundaries to be paid for your work.

The list goes on. There are SO many unconscious ways these blocks are sabotaging your income and impact RIGHT NOW.

This laser-focused work will CLEAR your abundance river to allow things to FINALLY start FLOWING!


I'm in, Queen!

I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

The Shifts, Support, and Strategy To Build Your Profitable Healing Business!

You'll be plugged into a loving community of pharmacists on the same journey of building their profitable healing businesses!

This container is a BRIDGE to your Highest embodiment as you ELEVATE into higher who you've always been - a powerful, confident, worthy Queen.

It's about coming HOME to your Divine Queendom and OWNING your brilliance.

When you say YES to The Elevate Entrepreneur Academy, here is what you'll get instant access to...

>>Access to a private Facebook group where you can share your wins, challenges, and connect with other heart-centered business owners!

>>Access to 14+ videos, PDF worksheets, and audios to support you in up-leveling your energy creating INSTANT, tangible results inside your business.

>>Subconscious reprogramming tools, techniques, and audios designed to help you shift quickly.

You'll get access to timeless tools and techniques to instantly clear subconscious blocks and fears when they come up.

You'll be dealing with challenges/stresses in a COMPLETELY new way.

Your subconscious mind runs 95% of your actions (only 5% is conscious) and with this KEY component, your path will be MUCH easier and quicker. Instead of feeling like you’re moving through mud to get to your desire, it will be smooth sailing since there is no ‘resistance’ in the way slowing you down.

While most people try to ‘work harder’ and consciously change, you’ll be accelerating your path BIG time with these techniques!

You'll learn how to make incremental upgrades and increase your receiving capacity for more abundance, clients, and expansion!

These are just a few examples of trainings you'll move through-

*Up-leveling Your Wealth Blueprint so you can expand your receiving capacity
*Clearing Your Money Channels for more Ease and Flow with Abundance
*Self-sabotage Assessment so you can uncover YOUR unique blocks and shift them quickly
*Streamlining Your Business Processes & Systems so you know the needle movers to consistently call in clients
*Elevating Your Self-Worth & Subconscious Self-Image so Your Magnetizing Wealth with Ease
*Packaging Your Irresistible Client Offers

And so much more!


I’ve strategically mapped out this program after over a decade of experience of going from being a burnt out pharmacist to full-time 7-figure entrepreneur. But I’m going to fast track the process for you. ;)

Instead of having to figure this out by yourself (and spend tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and what energy you have left) you’ll get to lean into this proven system that I’ve curated to help you accelerate this path.  


YES!! I want to claim my Spot!

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What Previous Queens Are Saying!

“I TRIPLED my # of clients through this program!

Not only did Elevate Entrepreneur Academy allow me to dig deep into the blocks that were holding me back, it also provided structured business advice.

I was able to create pricing options that reflected my value not just my service. I was able to design social media posts that spoke to my soul clients, drawing them in.

With these resources combined, I was able to confidently double my initial pricing offer (I was selling myself short before EEA), and I was able to triple the number of 1:1 clientele!”

“I sold my first high-ticket $8k program!

To be in Christina's energy is to be wrapped in gentle, loving, direct, and guided support.

After being in some of Christina's self-paced courses and attending her retreats, I dove right into Elevate Entrepreneur Academy and it was SUCH a worth-while investment!

Elevate Entrepreneur Academy has you thinking outside the box to tap into your unique gifts, your worth, while navigating and releasing blocks and self-sabotage.

After joining Elevate, I finally understand the value I bring to my clients and sold my first $8k offer! I am so thankful I invested in myself to show up authentically and shine my light in my business!"

-Katie Wood, Pharmacist and Women's Fertility Coach

“After Elevate, I had a $3k launch and the next one post-retreat where I had my first 5-figure launch!
Before working with Christina, I was completely stuck in my business and had a block around promoting the business and myself. I did not know that I had a subconscious block but after a year and a half of virtually zero results in my business I was ready to try things that were outside of my comfort zone.
I attended the Elevate retreat and joined the Elevate program and finally discovered my block.
Results? Prior to my work with Christina I had launches that made $0-1K (some total flops and some limited success).
I’ve had 2 launches since then– the first one when I had only done limited work and had a $3k launch and the next one post-retreat where I had my first 5-figure launch!  
Christina is a gem and has found her calling in helping others to rise!
-Dr. Catherine Henderson, PharmD
and Health Coach

What previous Queens are saying!

Over the past decade, I've coached thousands of women. This video has just a few of my client success stories from 2021!

Listen in as previous Elevate members share their experience with my coaching!

Other recent client wins...

...One moved to part time work, 10X'd her income, and manifested her dream job!

Tripled her number of 1:1 clients and elevated her prices to reflect the value she brings!

…Another left a toxic relationship, released unworthiness patterns, got a $36,000 raise, and applied for a higher level position at her job!

…Another quit a toxic habit, attracted $5k, lost 20 pounds, and attracted a new friend group!

Btw, most clients recoup the investment for the Elevate Entrepreneur Academy within the first few weeks of the course and scale up from there.

Now it's YOUR turn to be the wealthy Queen who elevates her business in 2022 and beyond!


Join The Elevate Entrepreneur Academy to Accelerate Your Path to Full-time Entrepreneurship!

Self-sabotage and blocks can come up at every level of business. But that doesn't have to stop you. ;)
When you move through this course, you'll be rewriting your subconscious blueprint, creating ripple effects in every area of your life and business to call in more clients for your heart-centered business!

Join Elevate Entrepreneur Academy - The Game-Changing Course to Accelerate Your Path to Full-time Entrepreneurship!

6 monthly payments of $647

Over $13k in value, but you only pay a fraction of that here!

  • Access to Elevate Entrepreneur content - 14+ videos Foundational Trainings, Modules, Worksheets, and Audios to guide you step-by-step in releasing blocks to consistently call in clients + cash for your biz ($6,000 value)
  • Live High-level Monthly Trainings and Recordings with Dr. Christina to help you practically scale your business to calibrate to your next income level! ($3,000 value) 
  • A Bonus Transformation Toolkit with subconscious programming resources to help you deepen the work from the course! ($2,000 value)
  • Prior month's trainings and their recordings ($1,000 value)
  • Weekly Q+A opportunities inside the private community to ask me anything ($1,000 value)
  • Access to a private, members-only community with soulful accountability and support from women who want to see you SHINE! (Priceless!)
  • You'll also be paired up with an accountability partner to walk this path WITH you!

 For 6 payments of $647, you'll get instant access to this transformative content valued at $13,000.

If you're like most of my former clients, you'll recoup that investment within the first few weeks of the course. ;)
Sign Me Up With the 6 Month Payment Plan!

Pay Over Join Elevate Entrepreneur Academy and Pay Over 12 Months!

12 monthly payments of $327

Pay over 12 months and get access to ALL of the same content, community, and coaching!
You simply pay over 12 months instead of over 6 months!

I'm ready to watch your SHINE, Queen! You've got this!

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It's allowed to be easy and it's YOUR time to shine Queen!! 

See you inside the members-only group! 

About Dr. Christina 

I have been on my spiritual journey since age 18 as I 'woke up' through two eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 

I sought help from a hypnotherapist in 2010 to treat my eating disorder and saw rapid results.

Since then, I've become obsessed with transformation + healing. I've spent the last 10 years mastering rapid transformation work to help you release blocks + own your brilliance and scale a profitable business.

I've transformed from being homeless and broke in 2012 to creating a 7-figure business helping pharmacists create profitable healing businesses. 

My mission is to help visionary pharmacist women release old, outdated subconscious programming so you can step into your Queen, own your power, and get paid abundantly for your gifts.

I invite you into this opportunity to step into your truth, light, and power to show up FULLY in your brilliance!

From my heart,