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 This is for you if you are ready to... 

Connect to your heart and deepest desires to live a life filled with more joy, ease, and flow!

Elevate into your next level energy to start attracting what your heart is craving!

Learn how to reprogram your mindset  for success and prosperity!

Tap into your soul gifts and purpose to unlock your abundance!

Clear any fear or resistance to creating your big dreams!

Feel supported by a community of high-vibe women on their big growth journey!

When you release old patterns, beliefs, and subconscious programming, you open yourself up to RECEIVE your desires in your reality! 

THIS is what I'm calling you into...!

Each month you'll receive this exclusive, brand new content:

By the way, I won't be sharing these trainings, meditations, or resources anywhere else. They are exclusive to THIS community. 


#1. Monthly Elevate Trainings

Each month has a specific focus and mantra that will help you with working through certain blocks.

I'll share my insider tips and tools to help you create massive shifts in your reality! 


#2. Exclusive monthly meditation, activation, or hypnosis 

*My magic is around helping you energetically rewire your subconscious programming to accelerate results inside of your life and/or business.

*You'll receive access to insider transformational guided meditations, activations, and hypnoses to align you with your deepest desires. 


#3. Monthly Affirmations  

Each monthly set of affirmations will help you clear blocks keeping you stuck. 

You'll receive specific affirmations to help you anchor in confidence and elevate to your next level! 


#4. A Monthly Mindset Workbook 

This monthly workbook is designed to help you seal in the work through guided prompts and tools.

You'll work through powerful journal prompts to release limiting beliefs and blocks. 


#5. BONUS Tools

From time to time, you'll receive a BONUS tool to help you deepen the work you did that month. 

This could vary from an ebook, to a transformative exercise, to a bonus hypnosis recording! 



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What Previous Clients Are Saying

“Christina is intuitive, thoughtful, kind, patient, and experienced in the field of transformation, healing, and business. She is very relatable and I knew I could trust her to help me clear blocks holding me back.

Christina empowered me in my journey to pursue my soul mission along with transformational tools to support my journey.

I absolutely loved the hypnosis, energy healing, meditation, and process of releasing that Christina took me through.

I’d recommend Christina’s programs to anyone who is searching for her soul purpose and to live a limitless life. I know now that following my intuition is important along with having the power to change my frequency!

~Dr. Allie Xu, Sacred Illumination Client

Dr. Christina is genuine and wants her clients to grow and become the best versions of themselves. She was able to quickly tune in to me and customize tools to help me overcome my negative self-talk, blocks, and limiting beliefs, all while maximizing my potential.
She so very clearly painted the big vision for my life that I struggled to see for myself. She approaches her work with love and grace.
I have found all of the tools that she has shared with me to be very beneficial, but her guided meditations are probably the most powerful tools for me. 
I’m so excited about this and about my future!”
– Rachel Fagan
“Working with Christina went above and beyond my expectations!


Christina shines in what she does and helps each of us in the program reach our goals and rise above limitations.

Throughout the program she gave additional bonus materials and content I didn’t expect and even sent thoughtful gifts to each of us!

As an added benefit, I received heartfelt support from the other participants and feel we all got really close.

I am so grateful to have gone on this transformative journey!

– Dr. Marina Buksov – Holistic Pharmacist

Marina is currently launching her Signature Program for 2021 to help educate women on gentle, safe ways to keep their family healthy! 

All of the transformative content that is available in this membership is valued at $2,000.00 but that's not what you pay! 

Lifetime Access Elevate Membership!

Pay In Full $147 for all content!

10 months of Exclusive BRAND NEW content included in this program:

  • Monthly Mindset Workbooks to help you seal in the work through powerful guided journal prompts
  • Exclusive meditations, activations, and hypnoses to help you rewire your subconscious mind for success, ease, and flow!
  • Access to Monthly Elevate Trainings to guide you in creating massive shifts in your reality!
  • Monthly Affirmations to help you clear blocks keeping you stuck
  • Bonus Transformation Tools to help you deepen the work from that month! 
Total value of $2,000!
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This transformative content is valued at $2,000.00 but you can get this value-packed membership at a fraction of that! 

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About Dr. Christina 

I have been on my spiritual journey since age 18 as I 'woke up' through two eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 

I sought help from a hypnotherapist in 2010 to treat my eating disorder and saw rapid results.

Since then, I've become obsessed with transformation + healing. I've taken dozens of courses - on hypnotherapy, reiki, quantum energetics, and read more books than I can count to master transformation work. 

My mission is to help visionary women release old, outdated subconscious programming so they can step into who they came here to be. 

Expressing your God-given gifts and feeling lit up doing your soul work in the world...

I invite you into this opportunity to step into your truth, light, and power to show up FULLY in your brilliance!

From my heart,