Quantum Queen E-Course

Ready to Monetize your Magic to scale your side hustle in 2021? 


You're in the right place if you...


Are ready to transform, releasing fear, self-doubt, and step into your confidence and power! 


Are ready to release old stories, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage patterns keeping you stuck. 


Are craving to create a Soulful Signature Offer that highlights YOUR gifts, your unique magic, and the value you bring to the world. 


Want to package and create heart-centered offerings (that feels aligned and true to you) your future clients will be magnetized to!


Are ready to call in your soulmate clients with ease and grace! 


If this is you...I am so excited to introduce you to...


🔥The Monetize Your Magic E-Course!🔥


 A 6-week accelerated experience for visionary entrepreneurs ready to package your magic to scale your side hustle in 2021!

If this is you, you're so done playing small, delaying your dream, and trying to 'figure it out' all on your own. 

You're done feeling frustrated, spinning your wheels, and not knowing how to create results inside of your business. 

You're tired of feeling burnt out, in a job that 'pays the bills'...but doesn't utilize your gifts, creativity, and God-given talents. 

And...you're done beating yourself up for not being further along...

It doesn't have to be difficult. It's allowed to be EASY!

As you move through this experience... 

You’ll feel relieved because you won’t have to struggle, feel overwhelmed, or come from a place of lack or scarcity… 

You’ll feel clear and confident knowing what you bring to the table – your unique gifts, strengths, and value... 

You will feel energized and lit up, because you are taking consistent action toward your desired life… 

Your soul will feel liberated because the self-doubt and self-sabotage will be a distant memory…


YES!! I want to claim my Spot!


Content Breakdown

Dr. Christina's work is centered around EXPANSION.

You will undergo rapid shifts on the mental, spiritual, and physical level. 

The best part of this e-course?
You get LIFE-TIME ACCESS to the course so you can move at your own pace! 


You get LIFE-TIME ACCESS to ALL of this transformative content!

These are just SOME of the timeless strategies and transformation tools  you'll find yourself continually coming back to!

Week 1 - Clearing Resistance And Identifying Your Soulmate Client

You'll move through...

  1. A grounding meditation to help you anchor in your vision 
  2. A powerful releasing exercise to help you busy through fears holding you back 
  3. Identifying your soul gifts + soulmate client 
  4. Elevating your frequency (and the science behind it) 
  5. Daily energetic practices to keep your energy high for creation in your business
  6. A hypnosis to rewire your mind for success! 

Week 2 - Setting Intentions & Optimizing Processes for Your Business

You'll learn...

  1. How to set powerful energetic intentions for your business
  2. Optimize weekly processes for your business
  3. Creating a nurturing container to start engaging with potential clients

Week 3 - Clearing Resistance & Pricing/Packaging Your Offer

You'll learn...

  1. A powerful clearing resistance exercise
  2. The Signature Program template
  3. How to create content for your Program
  4. How to package and price your Signature Program
  5. Other ways to create evergreen content!

Week 4 - Nurturing Your Audience + Content Creation 

You'll learn...

  1. How to vary your content to retain & engage your audience
  2. Ideas for content creation for social media
  3. Creating buckets of content to pull from each week to vary up your posts
  4. Six different types of posts to create for your audience!

Week 5 - Activating Your Audience + Magnetic Messaging

You'll learn...

  1. How to cultivate your energy to operate from service
  2. General guidelines for posting on social media
  3. The framework to magnetically call in your soulmate clients to have them engage with your posts!

Week 6 - Success Formula for Enrollment Calls 

You'll learn...

  1. How to raise your standards for who you get on the phone with for an enrollment call.
  2. The success strategy to start booking in clients NOW.
  3. An easy method to flesh out objections and increase your enrollment close rate.
  4. The step-by-step process to have a successful enrollment/sales call! 

You'll also get access to BONUS trainings and content!!!

  1. Calling in abundance (internal and external) practices
  2. Fostering raving fans for your business to increase retention and referrals
  3. Everything you'll need for your practical business launch (practitioner recommendations)
  4. Money saving tips for business set up
  5. Access to The Ignite Your Light retreat recording that includes -

    A grounding meditation, a powerful releasing exercise, anchoring in your vision through movement, the soulful enrollment process, AND a hypnosis to rewire your mind for success! ($497 value) 

  6. A sound healing meditation to help you release blocks and anchor in confidence! ($197 value)

What Previous Clients Are Saying

"Working with Christina has been life changing. She’s giving me the courage, compassion, and tools I need to re-discover and connect with my true self and purpose. 

I've taken two courses with her and she's amazing! From a genuine place of caring, challenging, and love, Christina helped me disrupt and release these old patterns once and for all. 

I’m feeling more and more like myself, aligned with my soul! I feel empowered, confident, energized, and liking/loving myself for the first time in a REALLY long time!" - Merilee Smith, Business Owner

 "I have just completed Dr Christina Tarantola’s Quantum Queen transformation course. It was a once in a lifetime, inspiring, healing, and truly transformative experience! With her blessed help I have opened my own online coaching business to help women embody their soul gifts and discover their super powers. 

I find her truly inspirational, loving, supportive and understanding. We need more women like her who are strong, powerful, truthful, and leading with example!"

- Dr. Mariam Yanikyan, Pharmacist 

“Working with Christina went above and beyond my expectations!

Christina shines in what she does and helps each of us in the program reach our goals and rise above limitations.

Throughout the program she gave additional bonus materials and content I didn’t expect and even sent thoughtful gifts to each of us!

As an added benefit, I received heartfelt support from the other participants and feel we all got really close.
I am so grateful to have gone on this transformative journey!

– Dr. Marina Buksov – Pharmacist

How will this investment translate to my business growth? 

By now, I know you're asking this question. I totally get it!

You want to know that you'll have a return on your investment! 

Here's the truth...

If you're stuck in old patterns, spinning your wheels, not taking action (or taking random action)...you're easily missing out on a SIGNIFICANT amount of income and impact. 

Here are some HUGE benefits of saying YES to yourself and receiving support here.

  1. Having a loving + supportive community as you grow is not only helpful, it's ESSENTIAL.
    • You'll be connected to a group of other visionary women who want to see you SHINE!
    • You'll also form collaboration partnerships and life-long friendships with these amazing ladies! 
  2. The content, trainings, and strategic coaching you'll get will help streamline your business so you're not spending time on things that don't move the needle in your business.
    • This saves you time, energy, and money. That alone is priceless!
  3. You'll learn my insider transformation tools that you can use with your own clients to get them amazing results! 
    • This creates raving fans and fosters future referrals and client sales!
  4. Alignment + strategy = RESULTS. This is what I've seen over and over again. While most programs focus SOLELY on strategy, it's only about 10% of the equation. The mindset/transformation work is the GAME-CHANGER! ;)

All of the transformative content that is available in this container is valued at $7,000.00 but you can get this value-packed experience at a fraction of that!

Monetize Your Magic E-course!

Pay in Full $997 or 2 Payments of $597

Value of $7,000

What's included in this 6 week program:

  • Eight high-level video trainings to take you step-by-step through the process!
  • The 56 page Monetize Your Magic Workbook to help you implement the teachings
  • Hypnosis, meditations, and activations to help you rewire your subconscious for success!
  • Transformation tools and techniques you can use with your future clients!

Bonus trainings/assets: 

  • You get access to The Ignite Your Light retreat recording that includes -

    A 22-page PDF with transformation tools/strategies, a grounding meditation, a powerful releasing exercise, anchoring in your vision through movement, the soulful enrollment process, AND a hypnosis to rewire your mind for success! ($497 value) 

  • A sound healing meditation to help you release blocks and anchor in confidence! ($197 value)
Total value of $7,000!

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 Ready to Monetize Your Magic?

All of the transformative content that is available in this container is valued at $6,000.00 but you can get this value-packed experience at a fraction of that! 

Claim your spot today!

YES! YES! YES! I'm Ready!

About Dr. Christina 

I have been on my spiritual journey since age 18 as I 'woke up' through two eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and codependency. 

I sought help from a hypnotherapist in 2010 to treat my eating disorder and saw rapid results.

Since then, I've become obsessed with transformation + healing. I've taken dozens of courses - on hypnotherapy, reiki, quantum energetics, and read more books than I can count to master transformation work. 

My mission is to help visionary women release old, outdated subconscious programming so they can step into who they came here to be. 

Expressing your God-given gifts and feeling lit up doing your soul work in the world...

I invite you into this opportunity to step into your truth, light, and power to show up FULLY in your brilliance!

From my heart,