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Show Up and Shine Replay!

Get Lifetime Access to this game-changing workshop to help you Show Up and Shine to Bring Your Transformational Story to Life!

Whether you're an aspiring or current authors OR a business owner...

...you need to be able to clearly articulate the high-value solution you bring to your clients and what makes you stand out. Part of this involves bringing forth your brilliance to own your gifts and share your compelling transformational story to CONNECT to your soul clients!

In this 4 hour deep dive workshop, we'll be moving through the inner shifts and outer practical strategies and frameworks to help you Show Up and Shine to communicate your brilliance and call in your soul clients!

What you'll receive with this offer:

#1. Lifetime Access to the 4 hour Workshop replay with in-depth trainings from Cori and Christina

Topics Covered Include:

  • Releasing Self-sabotage to Feel Safe to Shine - You'll learn evidence-based techniques to feel confident no matter where you show up and shine - whether it's online, at an in-person event, or otherwise!
    • Christina takes you through a powerful visualization to anchor into service and self-trust to release deep subconscious fears, self-doubt, and unworthiness.
  • Uncovering the Story Behind Your Story You'll tap into your true power to bring forth the GEMS of your story, knowing exactly how to share it in a way that feels aligned for you and your business.
    • You'll learn how to share tough parts of your story in a way that doesn't trigger your audience, but instead has them leaning into you.
  • Communicating Your Brilliance to Call in Your Soul Clients You'll learn specific messaging frameworks that you can plug your story into so you're clearly articulating your magic and your soul clients are dropping into your DM's wanting to work with you!
  • Key Components of Telling Your Compelling Transformation Story You'll learn key elements of how to tell your compelling transformational story in a way that activates your audience to see you as a 'have-to-hire'!
    • You'll learn the essential components to bring your story alive so you're not just 'telling' your story, but bringing clients into a full sensory experience!

#2. Shared-screen access to all content - slides from Christina and Cori to take your ideas to implementation!

#3. BONUS with Christina -

You'll also move through a BONUS Advanced Tapping Session to release the MOST common blocks that hold people back from shining in their story.

It's your time to Show Up and Shine!

[ No refunds or cancellations after purchase ]

This workshop took place on 10/21 from 10AM-2PM EST. You are receiving the replay from the workshop.