$67.00 USD

Stop Stressing, Start Living in 2024 Masterclass!

A 90 minute Masterclass for busy moms to release stress, overwhelm, and burnout to rise into more peace, self-love, and worthiness in 2024!

If you find yourself saying, "I'm too busy to take care of myself!" then this class is for YOU! ;) Take this intentional PAUSE during the bustling holiday season to reconnect back to you - you can't pour from an empty cup!

This Masterclass is for you if you…

  1. Are a busy mom or woman who has a lot on your plate - laundry, soccer practice, putting food on the table - the never-ending list goes on,
  2. Find it difficult to set boundaries, ask for help, and/or feel guilty for saying 'No' to things that don't light you up,
  3. Spend a lot of your day in perpetual states of worrying and trying to manage your life,
  4. Are often hard on yourself and find the chatty Inner Critic telling you you’re not good enough, not doing enough, and feel guilty if you aren't constantly busy.

You silently wish you had time for yourself, but you can't see the clear path on how to have more spaciousness, ease, and PEACE.

If this is you, you're not alone and we are here to support you!

In this 90 minute rapid transformation workshop, Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Christina will help you with specific shifts, nervous system strategies, and intuitive coaching to…

  • Reduce levels of stress, overwhelm, and burn out by utilizing practical, evidence-based tools that you can use in your daily life to feel calm, grounded, and at peace no matter what is happening,
  • Release vicious cycles of worry, over-thinking, and operating from fear/guilt so you can reconnect back to your authentic self with deep levels of compassion, acceptance, and grace, 
  • Rewire patterns of over-giving, people pleasing, and over-committing so you can step into 2024 feeling calm, grounded, and confident to navigate whatever life brings!
  • BONUS Stop Stressing Workbook - You'll also receive a free Stop Stressing, Start Living workbook with practical stress management tools!

It’s time to Stop Stressing and Start Living in 2024!

Join us for this nourishing, rejuvenating Masterclass to fill your cup, step into your power, and put you first!

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