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A FREE 3-day marketing and sales workshop to strategically call in consistent clients + cash flow for your business!

Hosted by Dr. Christina Fontana

Get ready to scale your profitable, world-changing business this year!



I want to be honest with you here...

 I created this workshop because the past year has brought so many unexpected twists and turns to my life and business.

2023 was a rough year for me in many ways.

Even after being in business for 12 years, I know that entrepreneurship isn't a linear upward trajectory - it has many ups and downs. 

Can you relate? 

I weathered many storms including struggling to get pregnant, then getting pregnant and experiencing debilitating morning sickness for 1 month of my early pregnancy.

In my business, the coaching industry and the economy shifted BIG time and I faced unexpected changes that I didn't see coming. What used to work no longer did...and I had to PIVOT. 

At one point, I even considered quitting my business and go back to the 'safety' zone of a pharmacy job.

But I never did quit or go back to pharmacy ...I simply PIVOTED. 

Now that I navigated through the storm, I realized a couple of main points I want to share with you today...

#1 - Safety does NOT come from outside of you. So often we look for safety in the money, the clients, to know that we are taken care of. Truly, you are always provided for - even if the outcome doesn't look like what you pictured.

Safety comes from WITHIN (and IMO, God/Source.) When you're rock solid on your mission and heal from the inside out, you can weather any storm.

#2 - The ability to PIVOT, be adaptable, and shift is one of the BIGGEST key attributes an entrepreneur can have.

The concepts I'll be teaching in Pivot to Profit will help you no matter what 'storms' you're moving through in your life or business. Because the truth is...

You are powerful.
You are unlimited.

+ You've totally got this. ;)



Here is a breakdown of what you'll learn in this 3-day marketing + sales workshop!

Day 1 - Magnetic Client Attraction Strategies + Diversifying Your Income -

Consistent clients + cash flow comes from creating multiple income streams.

  • You are most magnetic when you Show Up and Shine as...YOU! We'll be dialing into elevating your Elevator Pitch to communicate the POWER of the transformation you provide so you magnetize your soul clients!
  • You'll earn a simple, step-by-step process on how to consistently call in clients by diversifying your offers using Christina's Arc of Ascension method.
  • You'll learn how to Pivot to Profit,¬†operating your business with confidence, resiliency, and adaptability no matter what external conditions happen.

Day 2 - Developing Recurring Referral Sources -

Traditional marketing and sales takes a ton of effort. 

  • On Day 2, you'll learn how to easily increase your close ratio so the sales process gets to be way easier and you cultivate recurring referrals with integrity.
  • I'll show you opportunities for strategic partnerships and collaboration efforts that will both SERVE your soul clients and expand your audience reach and market reach.
  • These strategies will allow you to focus your efforts on serving your clients and work with efficiently for higher cash months!¬†

Day 3 - Creating Consistent High-Cash Months -

Businesses that track their data are 19 times more likely to be profitable.

  • You'll learn what metrics to track, how often to track it, and how to streamline a process you can use in your business for years to come for consistent clients + cash.
  • We'll look at how to know which of your campaigns and marketing efforts are most profitable so you can dial down on those efforts for sustained profitability.
  • You'll also learn about how to simplify your business model and the activities you do in your business each week using my Five Profit Pillars blueprint. ¬†¬†

Let's do the damn thing TOGETHER! 


About Dr. Christina 

I have been on my spiritual journey since age 18 as I 'woke up' through two eating disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and codependency.

That journey sent me on a healing path as I hit rock bottom in 2012 and was broke, homeless, fired from my pharmacy job, and living out of my car. 

With resiliency and gumption, I picked myself up and launched my coaching business that year. I became obsessed with healing and transformation.

I've spent the last 12 years mastering rapid transformation work and now help Healers in Healthcare turn your gifts to gold and scale a profitable, sustainable business that creates a domino effect of healing in the world.

I've transformed from being homeless and broke in 2012 to creating a 7-figure business helping Healers in Healthcare create profitable healing businesses.

I invite you into this opportunity to step into your truth, light, and power to show up FULLY in your brilliance!

From my heart,

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